Calico Jack AirSoft is a store specializing in the sale, rental weapons of ASG (airsoft guns and airsoft guns) and equipment for the Airsoft game LaserTag. The store located in Lombardy in Muggiò precisely in the province of Monza and Brianza near Milan. The shop has a large assortment of articles and equipment for airsoft and laser tag, in fact, Calico Jack AirSoft is one of the leading shops in the industry that is produced and replicas of soft-air weapons in Italy from the best brands on the market (G&G, Classic Army, Krytac, ICS, Systema, APS, VFC, KJW, WE, Marui, Dboys, A&K, Jing Gong, Well, Cyma, G&D, Bolt, Dytac ...).

Reliability, Professionalism and Competence.

The store opened in 2008, after 3 years of only on-line experience, has over time become a reference shop for those approaching for the first time in this type of sport, in fact, the specialized staff of Calico Jack, is ready to offer as much assistance and experience gained over many years of playing to new softgunners, helping and advising them in choosing the right items and useful to give free rein to their new passion. Furthermore, the staff of Calico Jack is able to ensure specialized technical assistance to any of ASG / AEG rifle of any brand, even on Chinese rifles Low Cost and the creation of customized ASG of all kinds as various versions of CQB, S.I.R, CASV, SPR or famous as guns XM177E1, RPK, SIG 556 ... almost all metal and with strictly power to a joule. All items sold in the store of Muggiò (MB), are checked and tested before sale thus ensuring proper operation. For any further information or special requirements please feel free to contact our customer support.

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Calico Jack Airsoft
Via G. Galilei 4
20835 Muggiò (MB)

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